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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and career. With students fully prepared for the future, our community will be best positioned to compete successfully in a global economy. With the right support, we know all students will rise to the expectations outlined by the standards. These standards require the problem solving, critical thinking, and creative analysis expected for college and career success.

The SBCUSD Common Core Plan considers key implementation strategies outlined by the state of California and aligns with the CDE's Systems Implementation Plan. Secondary school leaders are encouraged to read Implementing the Common Core State Standards for more targeted implementation strategies. Additional resources are listed below. Be sure to visit this site periodically for new additions.

General Information

California Common Core Standards Resources RCOE Common Core Achieve The Core
California Common Core Updates Listserv SBOE Common Core Anchor Standards
California Common Core FAQ Instructional Materials FAQ Hunt Institute
National Common Core Sate Standards Rigor/Relevance Framework Instructional Shifts
California CCSS Resource Clearinghouses Teaching Channel Smarter Balanced
California Professional Learning Modules P21 Common Core Toolkit CCSESA
CA Common Core Special Education Moving To The Common Core Share My Lesson

English Language Arts/Literacy

Elements of Common Core Standards ELA Cognitive Rigor Matrix
Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Task  
Examples of Student Writing  
CCSS Literacy Resources  
Understanding Language  


CA K-12 Common Core Content Standards Mathematics SMP's 6 - 8 Inside Mathematics
National Common Core Sate Standards Mathematics SMP's 9 - 12 EDC SMP
CCSS Math Introduction, Critical Areas, Glossary Mathematics Toolbox Shell Centre
Linking Content and the SMP's Appendix A Mars Tasks
Revised Publisher's Criteria Common Core Math Webb's DOK Math Math Task force Modules
Math Common Core Coalition Math Cognitive Rigor Math Common Core Tools
California Draft Math Framework NOYCE Math Math Admin Snapshot
Illustrative Mathematics    

Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects

Social Studies Science The Arts
Social Studies Framework Next Generation Science Standards Guiding Principals
UC Davis History Project Lessons DOK Science Arts Education Partnership
CA History Project NSTA Common Core Geffen MOCA Common Core
The Source CA Science Teachers  
DOK Social Studies    
Beyond The Bubble    

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
Sample Items

ELA Sample Items ELA


Grade 6 ELA Performance Task 6th Grade 6th Grade
Grade 11 ELAPerformance Task 7th Grade 7th Grade
Math Sample Items 8th Grade 8th Grade
Grade 6 Math Performance Task 9th Grade -
Grade 11 Math Performance Task 10th Grade High School
Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources 11th Grade -
NYC Performance Tasks    

Assessment & Accountability

BASIC Set-Up iOS One-to-One Model SBAC Testing Principles
SBAC Transition Page 58 Shared Classroom Models Tech Purchase Guidelines 2012

SBAC Practice Test Links
SBAC Training and Practice Tests
SBAC Practice Tests
SBAC Practice items