Accelerated Learners/G.A.T.E.

I would like for my child to be in G.A.T.E. classes. How do I sign them up?

Students must qualify for G.A.T.E. programs and classes. Students who don’t qualify for G.A.T.E. but want an academic challenge may sign up for honors, MYP, AP, or IB classes and/or participate in academic clubs or other academic programs. For more information about G.A.T.E. or other advancement opportunities, see below.

G.A.T.E.—To talk to someone about the qualification process and criteria, contact the Advanced Learners office at (909) 891-1008 or visit the Advanced Learners website.

Honors/MYP/AP/IB—At the secondary level, students do not have to qualify for G.A.T.E. to take advanced classes. To see if advanced classes might be a good fit for your child, talk to your child’s teacher(s) and counselor. For more information about advanced classes, visit the district’s Honors/AP or MYP/IB webpages, the CollegeBoard website, and/or the International Baccalaureate website.

Academic Clubs/Programs—
Opportunities may exist on your child’s campus or in the community to explore an academic interest or pursue a personal passion. Ask your child’s teacher or counselor.


My daughter showed me some things another girl said about her online. They were mean and inappropriate. What should I do?
It’s good that your daughter showed you the posts. The first step is to bring it to the attention of a school administrator. Bullying is completely unacceptable wherever it occurs. School board policy states that “all students and staff have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. The district’s anti-bullying policy is available on the district website.

English Learners

How do I help my child learn English and do well in his classes?
The best place to start is with your child’s teacher(s). They can best help identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and can connect you and your child to support services and support staff so your child can increase his or her English skills and earn good grades. You can also visit the district’s English Learners website for more information.


Where can I go to get my child immunized?
You can go to your family doctor to get your child immunized or to one of the local health clinics. For a list of clinics, contact your child’s school or the district’s Health Services office at (909) 880-6939 or visit their website. The website also has a downloadable form for health examinations/immunizations.

Special Education

What steps do I take if my child is struggling in school?
First, talk with your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns. There are resources within general education that may be considered, including Academic Intervention Services and other building level services. If building level supports are not resulting in adequate student progress, you may contact the principal.  A special education referral may be considered to determine if your child is eligible for Special Education services.

The district’s Special Education website also has a wealth of information related to special education students and services. For more Special Education FAQs, click here.
  A Spanish version is also available.

Sports Physicals

Is a physical necessary to play school sports?

Your child’s health is important, so schools require physicals to make sure there are no undetected issues that may put your child’s health at risk. Students can get the physical through their family doctor or through one of the local clinics. (For a list or clinics, parents can contact their child’s coach or the school’s athletic director.) Links to physical forms in English and Spanish are available on the district’s Athletics & Sports Eligibility page.

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