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Wellness Resources forFamilies

Prevention Services
    Hazel Health          

Hazel Health is a no-cost service for all SBCUSD students. When students feel sick, they have access to virtual doctor visits whether they are learning at school or at home. 
Hazel Health for 2020-2021: Districtwide service for all students age 4 and up.
How it Works
  • Visit the Health Office - Your student is connected with a doctor on a video call by the school nurse or other designated school staff.
  • Students Receive Care at School - Doctors complete an exam to determine treatment and the next steps. Hazel can provide over-the-counter medicine with your permission.
  • Parents Receive Information - You will receive a summary of the visit including any recommended next steps. If needed, a prescription can be called into your local pharmacy.
    Hazel Health At Home: You can currently access a Hazel Health doctor at home. To start your visit, share your child's health concerns at
Dental Providers All schools have an assigned dental provider, with services that may include: screenings, cleanings, and more. Each school has one of the following providers. Look for a Dental Consent Form in the Student Enrollment Process. 
  • Assistance League (3rd & 4th grades only)
  • GeriSmiles
  • Healthy Teeth For Kids
  • SAC Health System - Virtual Dental Home
Social-Emotional Learning Competencies Students in all grade levels are receiving support to develop their Social-Emotional Learning Competencies. As a district, the following SEL curriculums have been adopted to support student development.              
  • Early Childhood: Frog Street
  • Grades K-8: Second Step
  • Grades 9-12: School Connect
Additional SEL development occurs through peer interactions, such as : collaborative activities and required tasks.
Early Intervention

School counselors follow the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) and the California Association of School Counseling (CASC) standards to provide all students with academic, college & career, and social-emotional support.  Assigned students are provided prevention and early intervention on site.  Should a student need more intensive support, school counselors refer for additional services through the SWSS department or community providers. 
The HEART Team has developed a website with Mental Health Resource to benefit students and adults. Please check our website:
Intensive Intervention
SWSS Dept Referral Process
Should students need more intensive intervention than a school counselor can provide students can be referred to additional resources and mental health services. These services are provided through the SWSS HEART Team and community partners. 
Crisis or Suicide Prevention If you are feeling suicidal, or suspect that someone you know may be suicidal, there is hope.
If you feel you or a loved one are experiencing a life threatening situation, call 9-1-1
For immediate help, call one of the crisis helplines below:
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (English): 1-800-273-TALK(8255)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (for Hearing and Speech Impaired): 1-800-799-4889
  • Http://
  • Red Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio (Español): 1-888-628-9454
  • San Bernardino County Mental Health Crisis line: 1-888-743-1478
  • Community Crisis Response Team: 909-421-9233
Domestic Violence Support  
Sexual Assault Services  
Sexual Exploitation Services  
Mental Health Therapy
Students referred by the school counselor, may benefit from mental health therapy.  Services are provided by the HEART Team or community partners.  Should you believe your student needs support, please reach out to the assigned school counselor.