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Requirements and Procedures


A physician will need to complete verifying information, which must include the diagnosis and the length of time the student is expected to need Home and Hospital services for the current school year. Home and Hospital is a temporary placement.

A diagnosis involving an emotional disorder must be done by the treating psychiatrist and, in addition to the diagnosis and length of time, the request must also include: 

  • A therapeutic treatment plan
  • A statement regarding how being on Home and Hospital will benefit the overall treatment of the student rather than making adjustments in the school program
  • An educational goal

                                                     Verification Procedure

The parent and physician's request form will be obtained at the student's home school by the School Nurse.

The school nurse will verify that changes in the school environment cannot be made to accommodate the student. The school nurse may call the physician to verify the diagnosis and discuss alternate educational programs. The minimum time a student is expected to receive services is three weeks. The school nurse will submit her findings and recommendations to the coordinator of the Home and Hospital program. If the request is approved, arrangements will be made for services to be provided. In most cases, this process takes approximately one week.

                                                      Learning Services

Home and Hospital services consist of one hour of teaching for each day school is in session. Students in year-round schools are placed on the same track in Home and Hospital that they were on when attending their home school.

A student completes most assignments independently. A parent or other responsible adult must be present in the home during the time the teacher is present. Services can be terminated if the student or parent is uncooperative in meeting established learning goals. A quiet place for the student and teacher to work must be provided.