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Home and Hospital

Home and Hospital is an optional alternative instructional strategy for students. It provides a means for students to achieve curriculum objectives that meet district and California state content standards outside the regular classroom.This educational option is for students who are scheduled to be absent from school for a period of at least (4) weeks or more due to a temporary disability (defined as a physical, mental or emotional disability incurred while enrolled in a regular or alternative educational program, after which the student can reasonably be expected to return to their assigned educational program.) A temporary disability does not include a disability for which a student is identified as having exceptional needs as an identified Special Educational student. San Bernardino City Unified School District Administrative Regulation-AR 6183 as well as California Education Codes 48202, 48206 and 48207 establish the requirements for providing Home and Hospital Instruction. 
A parent or guardian may request a Home and Hospital teacher when a student sustains an injury, has surgery, or has a non-communicable illness that requires the student to be out of school. Requests are only good for the school year in which they are submitted. They cannot carry over from year to year. Special Education students requesting home and hospital will need to have an IEP to place them in the program.