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Dental Collaboration Program

Health Services has been working with several dental agencies to bring preventive and restorative services to our students.

These services are portable and will allow for a mini dental clinic to be set up in our schools.

The Dental Agencies are:

  •  GeriSmiles
  •  Healthy Teeth for Kids
  •  Assistance League (Dr. Crane)
  •  SACH Virtual Dental


Some of the services will include the following

      1. Complete Oral Examination: Teeth Cleaning, Fluoride Treatment, Sealants, X-rays
      2. A dental report card for parents
      3. Dental Health Information for student and parent
      4. Six-month dental cleaning follow-up
      5. Referral & follow-up with parent if there is a need for treatment
      6. Will call parents and make dental appointments for follow-up care
      7. Staff may include: Dental Hygienists, office worker, dentist and dental assistants
      8. Equipment is portable and can be set-up in any area.

* Contact your School Nurse for more information