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Hazel Health

Health Services during COVID pandemic: SBCUSD families can have doctor’s visits from home while school is closed, through our student health partner Hazel Health. During COVID related school closures, this service is offered at no cost for students currently enrolled in eligible schools in SBCUSD.

How it works:

  1. Let us know what’s wrong with your child - send us an overview of their symptoms through Hazel’s messaging system: Send Hazel a Message.
  2. Medical professionals at Hazel will review symptoms to determine next steps. Messages are responded to during typical school hours.
  3. When needed, your child will have a doctor visit with Hazel without leaving home - they will call the parent by phone, or have a video visit using your computer or mobile phone.
  4. Hazel can help with many regular health concerns, and can call in prescription medicines at your local pharmacy when needed.

What can Hazel help with?

  • Hazel doctors can help with most non-emergency health concerns including: Stomach aches, headaches, lice, rashes, eye infections, cold or flu symptoms like fever, runny nose, cough, asthma.

Can Hazel help with COVID-19 questions?

  • Hazel can answer questions if you are concerned about COVID-19, but cannot provide testing.
  • If your child is experiencing any of the following, do not wait for Hazel to respond to a message and instead immediately visit your local hospital emergency room or call 911: having trouble breathing / shortness of breath, blue lips, very tired (lethargic) and not acting normally, or if you are very worried about their symptoms.

We trust that this service will provide SBCUSD students with safe, convenient access to quality medical support while schools and district health offices are closed, and local clinics and offices may be overwhelmed. For further information, please call Hazel Health at (909) 531-5244.

This service is not for medical emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please visit your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.