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District Counselors

SBCUSD believes that all students are entitled to receive the benefits of a comprehensive school counseling program from kindergarten through grade 12. Credentialed school counselors advocate for educational opportunity, equity, and access to programs and services so that every student is supported and challenged to achieve his or her highest potential. SBCUSD counseling services align its programs with the California Standards for School Counseling Profession and the National Counseling Standards, ASCA (American School Counseling Association).

School Counseling Benefits:

  • School counselors are a vital link to academic, career, social and emotional development for all students at all grade levels.
  • School counselors at all levels provide support for students through classroom guidance lessons, group counseling sessions, individual counseling sessions, consultation with parents and teachers, and through collaboration with community resources.
  • Counseling guidance lessons taught by school counselors in the classroom are intended to give students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that lead to academic,college/ career, social and emotional development.

Colleen Williams
Director of Student Wellness & Support Services

Martina Beach Hedges
Assistant Director

Mayra Joya
Secretary III

Ursela Gonzalez 

Guadalupe Estrada Huffer
Bilingual Secretary

Professional Development Center
4030 Georgia Blvd.
San Bernardino, CA 92407

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