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California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA)

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education
The following information is provided for parents to help them understand how sexual health education is taught in the San Bernardino City Unified School District. We want to help parents make an informed decision about their child's education. We offer parent curriculum preview meetings and 1:1 support. Please, contact Tanya Burrows to schedule a meeting (virtual until it is safe to do in person).
Parents will be notified and given an opportunity to preview written and audio-visual materials used to provide instruction at elementary, middle and high
school levels. Parents may request in writing if they wish to have their child excluded (opt-out). Parents/guardians can request opt-out by sending a written note or an email to the school. Also, by filling out the Google form online. Click on the orange links below to access the form. 

*DATES & LINK for Parent Curriculum Preview Meetings Below:

Parent Information: California Healthy Youth Act Education Website

Thank you for taking the time to visit the link.

Parent Information regarding CHYA: California Healthy Youth Act 
Why is sexual health curriculum being required? The CDE has information about sexual health education.
Here is the link. 

2024-2025 Student Opt-Out Form

*Once you complete the Google form, your request will be shared with your child's school site administrators and Science/Biology teacher.  An alternative learning activity and classroom will be provided for the student during this instruction. 

Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
California Education Codes 51930-51939 and SBCUSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6142.1 provide guidelines for the delivery of Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction. The Board of Education recognizes that accurate information about family life and human sexuality may contribute to a decreased risk of sexually transmitted diseases or unintended pregnancies. Additionally, HIV/AIDS pose a public health risk and education is a necessary component to slow the spread of disease.

School districts are mandated to provide new comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention instruction at least twice to all students over the course of grades 7-12; once in middle school (7th grade) and once in high school (9th grade), in accordance with the 2016 CA Healthy Youth Act (CHYA).  The law applies to both General Education and Special Education students. In addition, our district provides the instruction to 6th grade, per board policy, following the same criteria of the law.


Prior to the new law, school districts were only required to provide HIV/AIDS prevention education once in middle school and once in high school.  With the CHYA, the addition of comprehensive sexual health education aims to prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as assist students with developing interpersonal skills, responsible behavior, and goal setting.  The law emphasizes decision-making and refusal skills, identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships, and communicating with trusted adults about sexual health. 

As a condition of the law, secondary schools must provide information to students regarding safe and legal access to sexual health services, supports for LGBTQ-inclusive environments, and additional interventions for schools with higher percentages of students at risk for HIV/STDs and unplanned pregnancies. AB 1227, focuses on human trafficking prevention. Prevention resources are provided in the link below. For additional information regarding the CHYA, please access the California Department of Education website:

The purpose of HIV Prevention Education is to establish and strengthen school programs by providing students, staff, and parents with the most current information and facts.


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