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California School Aged Families Education (Cal-SAFE) is a state funded program designed to increase the availability of support services for enrolled expectant/parenting students to improve academic achievement, parenting skills and to provide a quality child care/development program for their children. Cal-SAFE is a comprehensive and community-linked school-based program that focuses on youth development and dropout prevention for expectant and parenting students.

Program Description:

The purpose of the Cal-SAFE program is to provide intervention strategies and support for eligible students to compensate for the additional responsibilities and parental duties created by pregnancy and/or parenthood for pregnant teens and/or custodial teen parents that interfere with their ability to comply with the Compulsory Education Law (E.C. 48200), as evidenced by enrollment and attendance records.

The Cal-SAFE program consists of three educational service components:

  • Semi-self-contained Pregnant and Parenting Teens Classes
  • Mainstreamed Pregnant and Parenting Teens (mothers and fathers)
  • Daycare

The Semi-self-contained Pregnant and Parenting Teens Class and Mainstreamed Pregnant and Parenting Teens Components are administered by the Alternative Programs. The Daycare Program is administered by School-Linked Services.

Cal-SAFE Semi Self-Contained Classrooms focus on expectant and recently delivered teen mothers and fathers. Instruction is provided in health and parenting plus at least one core academic class. Students are mainstreamed for the remainder of their day. All Cal-SAFE students are required to enroll in a full schedule of six classes (minimum of 340 minutes) per day, unless there is a compelling reason to be enrolled in less than a full day. All pregnant/teen mothers and fathers are encouraged to take a child development class.

Mainstream Program:

Teen mothers and fathers are served by a site case manager who regularly monitors Cal-SAFE students. Academic, physical, social, and financial needs are regularly reviewed and interventions are designed for each student with the goals of high school graduation and post-secondary success. Parenting classes are available and recommended. Child care is available on most high school sites through Cal-SAFE.

Rosa Bieggar,
Cal-SAFE Nurse
Maria Alegria, Cal-SAFE Counselor
Maisha Turner, Cal-SAFE Counselor

Angela Urquidies, Director
Dora Tanya Burrows, Coordinator
Sonia Esparza, Program Specialist
Marisa Ruiz, Bilingual Secretary III
Maryellen Hernandez, Bil. Senior Clerk
Gricelda Tapia, Bilingual Clerk

We are located at:
Lincoln ES Rooms E-201 & E-202 & E-203
255 W. 13th Street
San Bernardino, CA 92405

Contact Information:
Phone: (909) 880-6850
Fax: (909)383-0634