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Family Engagement Resources

Family Engagement Research and Resources
Following is a collection of research and resources we've found valuable in understanding family engagement in a different and--we think--more effective way.

Resources / Recursos

Family Engagement--Research Findings Summary. A narrative summary of finding in five key areas: academic monitoring and coaching; culturally-appropriate strategies; goal and vision setting; grit/persistence; requesting, training and relationships.
Family Engagement--Research Support. A collection of research on the educational capital and practice of the families of high-achieving students and on best family engagement practices.
Karen Mapp--The 74 Interview. An interview with Karen Mapp on the changes in parent engagement and how families and schools can work together to help students succeed.
Karen Mapp on Reframing Family Engagement (video). A video clip from Harvard lecturer Karen Mapp's speech at the Scholastic convention.

NOTE: Karen Mapp, a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is arguably the most widely-known and well-respected family engagement expert in the United States.