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Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commission of the San Bernardino City Unified School District, established in 1978, operates in cooperation with, but not under the jurisdiction of, the Board of Education. The office of the Personnel Commission administers the Merit System of equal opportunity employment as prescribed by statutes of the California Education Code. The core functions of the Personnel Commission are to establish policies, practices, and procedures serving and affecting classified employees in the areas of personnel both directly and indirectly related to recruitment, assessment, retention, training, evaluation, professional development, classification, and compensation.

The San Bernardino City Unified School Personnel Commission is dedicated to the establishment and execution of fair and equitable employment practices in the effort to hire the most qualified classified support staff assisting in the education of the District's students.

The Commission consists of three members whose terms of office are three staggering years. One member is appointed by the Board of Education, one member is appointed by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the classified employee organization which represents the largest number of the District's classified employees (CSEA), and the third member is appointed by the other two members of the Commission.

Reference: California School Personnel Commissioners Association


Valeria Dixon
(term will end 12/1/2025)

Michael Salazar
Vice Chairperson
(term will end 12/1/2024)

George Bohn
(term will end 12/1/2026)

Staff Members

Irma Garcia
Personnel Director

Nersidalia Garcia
Secretary III

Tamara Booker
Personnel Analyst

Lucio Chaparro
Associate Personnel Analyst

Leslie Holmes
Associate Personnel Analyst

Priscilla Marabel
Bilingual Clerk II

Esmeralda Moreno
Associate Personnel Analyst 

Phone: (909) 381-1280