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Transformational Leadership Coaching

The SBCUSD Transformational Leadership Program (TLC) was established in December 2017 to support new and experienced principals in accelerating school improvement via confidential coaching provided by a colleague who has achieved significant positive results. The Human Resources Division’s Employee Development Department, under the leadership of Mary Pierce, created and is responsible for administering the program. Currently, the program provides individualized coaching for new principals in their first two years of the principalship, or in their first year as a principal in SBCUSD. Coaches apply for the position and are selected by the executive cabinet based on exceeding the CPSELs, student achievement results, and evidence of their capacity to serve as effective leadership coaches.

The Coaching Administrator is responsible for the development and support of assigned principals, while maintaining or exceeding current outcomes at his or her assigned school site or department. Coaching Administrators provide leadership and support to assigned principals in all aspects of site leadership and the instructional program, including but not limited to: (a) lesson design and delivery, (b) professional development, (c) curriculum development and implementation, (d) alignment of site budgets with curricular objectives, (e) school based improvement programs, and (f) program monitoring and evaluation. Coaching Administrators build assigned principals’ skills in ensuring positive communication between parents, staff, and school site administration and responding effectively to parent or community concerns. Coaching Administrators support assigned principals in working together with students, teachers, and parents to build a positive school culture that leads to increased student achievement. Essential to the program is training in specific coaching competencies, provided throughout the year. Each Coaching Administrator is a Certified Leadership Coach, has completed the ACSA Leadership Training, and participates in ongoing training and networking with leadership coaches in SBCUSD as well as across the state through the California Network of School Leadership Coaches.

Training for Coaching Administrators includes:

  • Coaching Mindset
  • Coaching Relationships
  • Coaching Skills
  • Conversation Design
  • Differentiated Coaching
  • Culturally Proficient Coaching
  • CNET Spring & Fall (provided by ACSA)
  • Professional Book Study
  • Completion of the NISL Executive Development Program
  • Crucial Accountability

Program Accountability includes:

  • Coaching hours logs
  • Participation in the Leadership Coach PLC
  • Annual observation of coaching skills with feedback (may be live or video)*
  • Required attendance at ongoing leadership coach development training
  • Completion of a collaborative Coaching Action Plan
  • Cabinet monitoring outcomes at both the coach’s and client’s sites

For more information about the TLC Program, please contact the Employee Development Department at (909) 381-1103 or email:


*Feedback to coaches is provided by the Director of Employee Development to individual coaches to assist them in improving their leadership coaching practice and meet their own goals. Sessions may be videotaped by the coach and submitted to the Director for this purpose. Videos remain confidential and are viewed only by the Director for the purpose stated above. If videos are selected for possible use in training of the leadership coaches within SBCUSD, permission will be requested from both coach and client prior to any such use.