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New & Aspiring Administrator Program (AAP)

The New & Aspiring Administrator Program (AAP) is a cohort-based professional growth program for successful teachers and new Vice Principals intended to develop and support the following certificated district employees:

  • Successful certificated employees in leadership roles who aspire to assume the role of Vice Principal
  • New Vice Principals
  • Current Vice Principals who aspire to assume the role of Principal

AAP is designed to build on the leadership skills of current successful leaders and administrators in the areas of instructional and operational leadership, preparing them to lead district schools. In addition, participants will job shadow a current successful vice principal or principal and choose a mentor. AAP participants deepen and strengthen their leadership capacity through professional development sessions, practice, reflection, and mentorship. Participants will be highly recommended leading teachers and Vice Principals who are committed to serving as Transformational Leaders in our District’s lowest-performing schools. Courses, Job Shadowing, and Mentorship will take place over the course of a seven (7) month period. At the conclusion of the program, successful participants will participate in a formal technical interview for the position of Vice Principal or Principal. Those who successfully interview will be placed on an eligibility list for the position, and will be scheduled for site input sessions as vacancies occur.