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Demonstration Teacher Program

State Standards challenge all educators to be creative with planning, presenting, and delivering instruction. Our students are expected to communicate and collaborate with others in real life situations.  Students will have multiple opportunities to explore their creativity, solve problems, and use critical thinking skills to analyze thoughts, ideas and concepts. 

As Demonstration Teachers we are here to learn with you some of the most effective ways to implement the Common Core State Standards, and to help our students prepare for their future.  

Resources Offered to District Teachers

  • Open invitation to visit teachers’ classrooms to observe Common Core lessons (please email individual teachers to set up times)
  • RCD Unit support with the development of lessons, implementation of performance tasks, or help with any other component in the units of study
  • Videos of Common Core Demonstration Teachers at different grade levels.
  • Click here to view videos on Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Classroom management using PBS in order to foster the collaboration components of Common Core
  • Management of classroom materials
  • Ideas for the fostering of communication and collaboration among scholars

Click the button to view our entire collection of training videos on YouTube

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Morgan Pellettera, NBCT
Demonstration Teacher Program Lead
Ph: (909) 381-1110