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Q: What is PAR?

A: As per the PAR Memorandum of Understanding, teachers seeking assistance in improving their teaching skills, have an assistance plan, or have changed grade - level and need support transitioning may apply for PAR support. Some types of support PAR offers are: observing instruction with feedback, coaching, lesson planning, observing exemplary classrooms, and providing resources of best practices.

Q: How do I sign-up for PAR?

A: Turn in a Teacher Self-Referral for Peer Assistance Form (located in the PAR Documents tab) to Employee Development Department in Certificated Human Resources. Forms are accepted in person, by pony, or via e-mail to Once the form is received, a PAR team member will contact you to discuss placement in PAR program or other support options.

Q: How long do I remain in PAR after entering the program?

A: Generally, self-referral PAR support should be for one school year. If you require support beyond one year, submit a Teacher Self-Referral for Peer Assistance form and you will be contacted by a PAR team member regarding support.

Q: Is PAR support for a self-referral confidential?

 A: Yes, PAR support for self-referrals can be confidential.

Q: How do I determine if PAR is the right support for me?

A: PAR supports teachers who meet the following criteria:

  • Assistance Plan
  • Improvement needed in specific areas of the CSTP’s (as noted in evaluation)
  • Interns
  • Probationary teachers with a Clear Credential
  • Combination Class/Grade level change

Q: What if I don’t meet the criteria to self refer for PAR?

A: The district offers other support options. Other types of support that are available include: grade-level teams, a mentor/Buddy Teacher, Common Core Demonstration Teachers/videos, on-site coach/ACII, Youth Services University (YSU)/PBiS, Elementary/Secondary Instruction Program Specialists, and District Professional Development.