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Management Onboarding

Manager Orientation

Orientation is a vital phase in any on-boarding program. Its purpose is to afford new school leaders a “big picture” understanding of the district, its strategic plans and its initiatives. This is the perfect chance to assimilate new leaders quickly into the district by sharing expectations, helping new leaders feel comfortable and safe, and cultivating their enthusiasm as new members of the team.

Orientation in SBCUSD introduces new employees to the “San Bernardino Way,” and gives a summary of the district’s key goals and objectives. Participants are introduced to the digital course where all core materials and information that are used over the course of the program are housed (course record form). Some key goals and objectives are as follows...

In 2012, the district began a strategic planning process resulting in a comprehensive Community Engagement Plan (CEP 2.0). This blueprint for success demonstrates the direction of the district, guiding the day-to-day operations at all levels.

The “Basics for Excellence ,” another important element of the orientation, outlines the district’s core values and beliefs. Finally, participants receive a copy of Stephen M.R. Covey’s book “Speed of Trust,” so they can participate in required readings and reflections built into the program. The behaviors “Speed of Trust” outlines are principles the district strives to exemplify. 

Key Stakeholder Meetings

The purpose of the site key stakeholder meetings is to begin building relationships and establishing rapport with your new team. Meeting individually with each person is essential to meet this goal. There are several supporting documents for you to conduct these meetings.

The purpose of the district key stakeholder meetings are to ensure newly appointed employees develop meaningful relationships with individuals or teams to support their success. If you have been an SBCUSD employee in the past, these meetings provide you an opportunity to re-establish relationships and ask different questions in support of your new role. 

Key Stakeholder Questions

Peer Shadowing

The purpose of Peer Shadowing is to ensure that newly appointed employees gain comprehensive knowledge of their new position by seeing the actual performance of the job in action by experts in the field. Site leaders, use the peer shadowing list to schedule three hours of peer shadowing. 

*For managers who are not at sites, work with your supervisors to identify peers to shadow. 

Mentorship and Reflection

The purpose of Mentorship is to provide opportunities for growth through reflection with an expert in the field and to have a person to confer with as you navigate through your new role. Participants in the Clear Administrator Credential Program (CACP) will be assigned a coach/mentor.  Principals will be offered a district Transformational Leadership Coach (TLC).

For other leaders, please work with your supervisor to identify an appropriate mentor. 

The Reflection component includes a book study reflection for the book, Cultural Proficiency:  A Manual for School Leaders, and an After Action Review reflection for your Onboarding experience.

Onboarding Program Reflection


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