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Certificated Onboarding


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New Certificated Orientation

All new certificated employees are required to attend a one (1) day district orientation. This orientation will be held the day before certificated employees work year begins for employees hired at the beginning of the year and during non-student work days (Thanksgiving and/or Spring break) for employees hired after the school year has begun. Employees will be compensated for their time at the current hourly rate. The orientation provides a district orientation and stakeholder meetings with the following district departments:

- College & Career Readiness/Linked Learning
- Continuous Improvement
- Educational Services
- Elementary Instruction
- Employee Benefits
- Employee Development
- English Learner Programs
- Equity and Targeted Student Achievement
- Family Engagement
- Labor Relations and Compliance
- Payroll
- Personnel Services
- Safety & Emergency Management
- Secondary Education
- Special Education
- Specialized Programs
- Student Wellness and Support Services

Site Orientation Checklist

Site Orientation Checklist is a sample checklist of what all administrators should review with new teachers before they are placed into their classroom. It is the districts goal through this on-boarding process that “new hires" will completely know, understand, and support the district’s core values and beliefs which will lead to productivity, engagement, and retention of employees while ultimately producing greater student outcomes. 

Coaching/ Mentorship for Teachers

Mentorship is a critical component of onboarding and the success of new teachers. This link is the mentorship design used in our district. 

Onboarding Plan

Click on links below to view different examples of Onboarding Plan:
Onboarding Plan- Beginning of the Year
Onboarding Plan- Late Hire
Onboarding Plan- 5 Day Department Onboarding


Successful onboarding is a process and does not stop on the first day of work. Plan check-in meetings, coaching sessions, and other trainings/readings that could not be done during the “during” process. Things that are critical for long-term success should be planned out in the “after” process. 


Intern Credentials

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Single Subject Teaching Credential