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Classified Onboarding

Our comprehensive three-tiered onboarding program is designed to provide new employees with a holistic and immersive introduction to our organization, ensuring their successful integration and long-term growth. Each tier serves a distinct purpose in helping new employees acclimate to their roles and the work environment.

Tier 1: Orientation

In the first tier, new employees embark on their journey with an engaging orientation. During this phase, they have the opportunity to hear from various educational partners, gaining insights into our organization's mission, values, and broader educational community. The orientation lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of our collaborative network and sets the stage for successful integration into the team.

Tier 2: Coaching and Mentoring

The second tier is centered on coaching and mentoring, where new employees focus on building crucial relationships with students and staff members. This phase is vital for gaining a comprehensive perspective on the current state of the organization. Through close guidance and mentorship, our newcomers can navigate their roles effectively and understand the nuances of our educational community. This hands-on approach ensures that they feel supported and connected within the organization.

Tier 3: Professional Development

In the third and final tier, new employees engage in professional development opportunities to further enhance their skills and knowledge. A key component of this phase is peer shadowing, allowing new employees to learn from experienced peers and gain real-world insights into their roles. By observing, learning, and applying best practices, they contribute to their own growth and the overall success of the organization.

Our three-tiered onboarding program not only equips new employees with the necessary knowledge and skills but also fosters a sense of belonging and connectivity within our educational community. It is a structured, progressive, and supportive approach that empowers our team members to thrive and make valuable contributions from the moment they join our organization.