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Employee Development



  • Administrative and Teacher Credentialing
  • Management and Principal Leadership PD-Leadership Coaching
  • Instructional Supervision, Evaluation & Feedback
  • Center on System Leadership (formerly National Institute of School Leaders)
  • Transformational Leadership Coaching-Principal Coaching Program
  • Demonstration Lessons, Videos, & Teacher Coaching
  • Coaching Workshops
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • CSTP Workshops
  • Classified Mentor Training
  • New Teacher Academy
  • Crucial Accountability Training
  • Certificated Evaluation Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services for all new teachers and, Instructional and Clerical staff
  • Onboarding Coach Training
  • Teacher Induction Program Mentor Training
  • National Board Certification Support
  • Teacher Credentialing Test Prep Reimbursement
  • National Board Certification Incentive Awards


  • Site Leader and Certificated Manager Evaluation
  • Certificated Employee Evaluation
  • New Teacher Development-Induction, Interns, Onboarding
  • New Certificated Manager Development-Induction, Principal Coaching
  • Employee Orientation & Onboarding-Managers, Certificated, Classified
  • Aspiring Principal and Vice Principal Program
  • Demonstration Teacher Program
  • Student Teacher Placements
  • NOYCE Scholars Program
  • Peer Assistance and Review
  • Non-Reelection and Reassignments
  • Classified & Substitute (Grow Our Own) Development Programs-Professional Growth Incentives, Tuition Reimbursement
  • Certificated Job-Sharing Assignments
  • District Calendar
  • Classified Mentorship
  • Master Teacher Training & Stipends

Vision Statement

The vision of the Employee Development Department is that every district employee will perform their work with integrity, excellence, and deep commitment to the District’s vision, mission, and beliefs, producing exemplary outcomes for all scholars.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Employee Development Department is to provide all employees access to professional growth systems including onboarding, coaching, mentorship, professional learning and leadership pathways to ensure engagement and retention of high performing employees. 

Employee Development Org Chart

First page of the PDF file: EDDOrg

In The News

Curtis MS Math Demonstration Teacher Richard Tejada was a finalist for the 2023 California League of Schools Middle School Teacher of the Year.

Mod/Severe Demo Teachers Sarah Holm and Liliana Narcizo presented at the CTA Special Education Conference in Anaheim October 6-8 2023.


Mary Pierce 
Director: TLC, CACP

Shana Smith
Assistant Director: Onboarding, Tuition Reimbursement, Demonstration Teacher Program

Sarah McCain
Coordinator: Certificated Evaluations, Teacher Induction Program, Peer Assistance Review

Melissa Ostorga
Secretary III to Mary Pierce

Amanda Armendariz
Secretary to Shana Smith

Emma Blanco
Bilingual Senior Clerk:
Certificated Evaluations, Tuition Reimbursement

Senior Clerk:
Onboarding, Classified Mentorship

Phone: (909) 381-1110

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM