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Affirmative Action

Programs and services offered:

  • Affirmative Action Programs
  • Complaints alleging violation by the District of federal or state law or regulations, including allegations of discrimination in programs and activities funded directly by the state or receiving any financial assistance from the state
  • Title IX complaints, including sexual harassment complaints
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Parent complaints
  • Employee complaints
  • ADA (Americans with Disability Act) support services, including reasonable accommodations for job applicants and employees and accessibility to programs and activities
  • STRS and CalPERS support services pertaining to job function analysis and reasonable accommodations
  • Williams/Valenzuela Settlement Case Complaint site support services and reporting
  • Technical support regarding FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), CFRA (California Family Rights Act), PDL (Pregnancy Disability Leave Act), FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act), and other civil rights laws and regulations

United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights
State of California Department of Education

Uniform Complaint Procedures

Mike Medina
Affirmative Action Officer
Title IX Coordinator

Iris Navarro
Assistant Affirmative Action Officer

Robert Arellano
Assistant Affirmative Action Officer

Eden Arnold
Substitute Clerk

Daisy Guzman

Brenda Sanchez
Secretary I

Maria Acevedo
Senior Clerk / Leaves Specialist

Phone: (909) 381-1122