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Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is the advisory board to the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). the primary responsibilities and activities of the CAC include but are not limited to: Advise the policy and administrative entity of the District regarding the development and review of the Local Plan, including a process for review and consideration of CAC comments. Recommend annual priorities to be addressed by the Local Plan. Make recommendations and suggestions for annual priorities to be addressed. Assist in education and in recruiting parents and other volunteers to help implement the plan by means such as outreach, presentations, and informational meetings. Encourage community awareness and involvement in the development and review of the Local Plan. Support activities on behalf of individual with exceptional needs. Assist in parent awareness of the importance of regular school attendance.

Attention all members of the Community Advisory Committee! For your convenience, we have an easy-to-remember shortcut to access all resources involving the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). All resources, from meeting calendars, agendas, and meeting materials are now available at

ICUC Special Education Parent Meetings (Inland Congregations United for Change)

You, as parents of children with exceptional needs, are very special parents!!! For YOU the role of parenting has much greater dimension than any ordinary child-rearing book imagined.

YOU, are the primary protector of your child's interests, the guardian of your child's rights and your child's primary advocate.

Parents and educators are partners in planning for the special needs of each child. Under state and federal laws and regulations, parents are guaranteed the right and the opportunity to participate in the assessment of their child, in program planning and placement meetings, and in continuing program review and evaluation.

As partners, parents may:

  • Refer their child for assessment if they believe their child has a disability which may require special education services (from birth through 21);
  • Provide informed consent for the assessment of their child:
  • Contribute to the assessment of their child;
  • Participate in planning the instructional program for their child through the IEP;
  • Provide consent for services for their child;
  • Be actively involved in the continual review of their child's progress;
  • Appeal on behalf of their child, if they disagree with the child's identification, assessment, instructional program, or educational placement.

Therefore, You are an essential member of the education TEAM that designs the school program which best suits your child. Your firsthand, round-the-clock knowledge of your child is important information. As an active Team participant, you are encouraged to discuss your observations of your child's educational growth.

This website will give you resources as parents of children with exceptional needs.

Remember...You and your Team can create a successful program for your child.

If you have questions about the educational process please contact your site team or you may contact the District Special Education Parent Liaisons at 909-880-6765.