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Secondary SBCUSD Reads - September

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Theme of the Month

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Middle School Recommendations

Earth has been destroyed, and when a little girl, Petra, wakes up hundreds of years later on a new planet, she discovers she is the only one who remembers our  past. Can the stories Petra learned from her abuelita give hope for humanity’s future?

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Two children, Lina and Doon, discover fragments of an ancient parchment that might hold the key to a new future for the decaying underground city of Ember.

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High School Recommendations

In a world where humanity has achieved near immortality, scythes are the bringers of death to keep the population under control. Two teens are drafted as apprentice scythes and if they don’t master the “art” of taking life, they may end up dead themselves.

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Humans defend against mecha aliens with giant transforming robots called Chrysalises. The Chrysalises are piloted by male-female pairs and the girls often die from the strain. Eighteen-year-old Zetian joins the battle to avenge the death of her sister and becomes a powerful female pilot determined to survive long enough to find out why the pilot system results in so many female deaths.

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