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Secondary SBCUSD Reads - January

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Theme of the Month

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Middle School Recommendations

Starting over in a new school is hard! But can you imagine starting over in another country? Chuna leaves South Korea for vacation and ends up staying in Alabama. Her stepfamily is mean, Chuna is bullied in school…her only relief is art. What happens? Does Chuna find friends? Does she learn to love her new life? Read Almost American Girl to find out!

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Do you like graphic novels? Middle school drama? Then this is the book for you! Ruby is struggling to find her place in middle school. She’s shy, anxious and doesn’t have any friends. Will she find her way? Meet new people?! Come by the library to check out this book! Or look on Sora!

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High School Recommendations

The story follows Ana, a sixteen-year old from Argentina who recently moves with her mom to New Jersey to reunite with her father. As Ana, who does not speak much English, struggles to speak and understand the new language in a new country, she forms friendships with other teens at school and even falls in love. The story captures Ana’s confusions and frustrations with the new language amid a new culture with warmth and humor. It’s an inspiring story about  fitting in and finding your voice.

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Jay Reguero, a Filipino-American, learns of his cousin Jun's murder, but his family's silence about his cousin's death and his guilt compel him to decide to spend his spring break in the Philippines to see his relatives and find out the truth. As Jay meets his cousin's family and searches for answers, he discovers some painful truths about his cousin, finds new friends, and reconnects with his Filipino heritage.

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