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Sierra High School


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Contact Information:
Sharon Cowley
Linked Learning Specialist
(909) 388-6478

Academies Offered at Sierra:

  • Health and Wellness

For more information view the official Sierra High School Linked Learning Brochure. 

Sierra's Pathway Spotlight


We are a Career Technical Education program established to educate our students on basic medical terminology and exposure to medical and health careers. Students will learn the dynamics of working in the medical field and become aware of the communication necessary to effectively engage other professionals and patients. Students will be able to identify components, body structure, and explain their importance in the healthcare profession.  Students will leave the program with many opportunities for hands-on classroom experiences, working with teachers and students at all grade levels. Students will receive training in:  

  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Career Exploration
  • Visits to Local Hospitals
  • Instruction in Medical Basics in an Office Setting
  • CPR Certification

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Health Science and Medical Technology

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