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Elizabeth Resmi Kackery
Linked Learning Specialist
(909) 881-8120

Academies Offered at Cajon:

  • Academy of Arts & Creative Technologies
  • Automotive and Construction Technologies
  • Global Business, Cyber & Information Technology
  • Health & Human Services Academy

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Cajon Pathway Spotlight!


Students will express drama and theatre arts skills in a variety of performances, including plays, monologues, improvisation, purposeful movement, scenes, design, technical craftsmanship, media, ensemble works, and public speaking. Through courses, students will learn to interpret and appreciate theatrical works, culture, and experience through scenes and scenarios, improvisation, creating environments, purposeful movement, and research. Students will be exposed to current industry standard practices through courses of study, bringing in professionals from the industry and colleges, visiting theaters and colleges, and by providing students with guidance on resume and portfolio preparation.

Students of the Film Theory and Production pathway will work collaboratively to develop a portfolio that will include samples of original storyboards, scripts, production schedules and outlines, and completed films. Theory courses develop a student's abilities to analyze and write about film as they look at this unique art form through the lens of aesthetic, cultural, and historical significance. Students who earn passing scores on IB assessments can receive college credit for the course. Students will be required to participate in the filmmaking process as screenwriter, director, editor, cinematographer, and/or sound technician. Students will develop an understanding of the theoretical, creative, and practical process; learn to use necessary equipment; practice in laboratory and non-laboratory settings; and, identify and explore career opportunities within the industry.

DIGITECH courses will introduce students to the basic principles and concepts of computer graphics and digital Illustration. In Digitech I, students will learn the basic skills of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop; emphasis is placed on digital illustration. Courses in Adobe I & II focuses on mastering students competency with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, & Adobe InDesign; emphasis is placed on Graphic Design, Product Design, Corporate Identity and Layout Design.  Additionally, the Digitech–Adobe pathway focuses on portfolio preparation and skills necessary for careers in the field of Print and Layout design. Furthermore, the course sequence develops students competency in the production of professional 2D & 3D layout design, Live Video editing, 3D modeling, 3D Printing and Adobe Video Production and Adobe Certification.

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The pathway is designed to to provide a unique and rigorous learning environment for high school students that it ensures both student academic success and career technical education mastery, as well as promotes enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Furthermore, it prepares students for post-secondary education, including apprenticeships and immediate productive employment. Finally, the pathway engages regional, state, national and international employers and industries in a vibrant collaboration to respond to current, emerging and changing global workforce needs and expectations. Furthermore, pathway is designed to bring in the maximum number of students into the 10th grade course and provide them with quality basic automotive instruction. During their 11th grade, students can hone their interests and apply their knowledge to a variety of specialty courses. As a senior, students can mix specialties or get advanced training in different areas and work in industry as an intern at community partner locations.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Transportation; Engineering 

Students engage in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation and focuses on career awareness, career exploration, and skill preparation in the Building and Construction Trades industry. The pathway emphasizes processes, systems, and the way in which structures are built. The knowledge and skills are acquired in a sequential, standards-based pathway program that integrates hands-on, project-based, and work-based instruction. Standards and certifications -- such as OSHA, MC3, and CPR -- included in the Building and Construction Trades sector are designed to prepare students for technical training, postsecondary education, and entry to a career.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Residential Construction, Woodworking Technology, and Cabinetry

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This pathway is in partnership with various industry leaders throughout the Inland Empire region, and its program of study is designed to prepare students for employment in the field of global Logistics and Business Management. Students will learn the skills and applications of information and decision technology, management systems that support industry partners, and business leadership. The program enables students to practice innovative and critical thinking skills as they develop solutions to authentic logistics problems businesses face locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, as well as in being contributing members of their greater community. Finally, in partnership with the Distribution Management Association (DMA), Amazon, along with other industry affiliates: CSU San Bernardino, Chaffey College, and Valley College–students will be exposed to multiple opportunities available to them in paths of post-secondary, post-diploma, certifications, and work-force internships.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Business; Transportation 

This pathway combines the technical skills of Cyber Security and Information Technology with the creativity of digital design providing students with an array of hands-on experience needed to excel in their respective industries. The Cyber Security aspect will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the information security and challenges faced by cyber threats for corporations, non-profits, local/state/federal govt. agencies, etc. Students of the pathway will be able to describe the internal components of a computer, troubleshoot using system tools, and diagnostic software. Students will gain insights into the importance of cyber security, the integral role of cyber security professionals in the workplace and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become industry certified as a Security Professional. Through lessons, lab exercises, case studies and projects, students acquire an understanding and appreciation of real-world cyber security challenges, policies and practices.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Information and Communication Technology

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Sports Medicine is a medical career pathway established to allow our students the opportunity to learn various aspects of emergency assessment care while also offering all students certification in first aid, CPR, AED, and emergency assessment.  This pathway is going to be used to enable the program to progress into a multi-faceted conglomerate that includes classroom instruction, pre-game therapy, game time athletic training, post-game therapy, and on-going athletic training therapy for the students/staff at Cajon.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Healthcare - Patient Care

The purpose of Cajon’s “Psych” Pathway is four-fold, reflecting the four pillars of Linked Learning. The first is to provide students with foundational instruction for course sequences in the fields of Psychology, Education, Family and Human Services– resulting in successful interconnectivity with the completion of rigorous courses in the A-G sequence. The second pillar is interwoven with the first in bestowing technical core experiences of post-secondary course work, industry recognized certifications, and practical application. The third provides students with hands-on, worked-based learning experiences that will give them the opportunity to both observe and assist professionals in these fields in performing their duties. The fourth is to provide the following personalized support: facilitation of a 10 year plan; mentoring relationships with more advanced students in the pathway;  assistance with the college research, admissions and financial aid process; providing site-wide comprehensive data-driven outreach, assessment & intervention which links to multiple intervention teams in helping the overall wellness of students.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Mental and Behavioral Health; Family & Human Services

Students in this new Pathway will be introduced to skills required to become the next generation of dental health professionals that are competent, compassionate, and essential members of the Dental team. Students will be introduced to various dental and medical careers and advancement within the field, along with a heavy focus on patient care. Students will acquire several work-based skills that will give them a jump start to any dental program they choose to pursue after high school, or to take directly into an entry-level position in a dental office. As seniors, students will volunteer at multiple locations to provide patients oral hygiene instruction, and partner with Dental/Medical postsecondary schools. Students will earn certification in CPR-AED, Infection Control, OSHA, Medical Emergencies and complete a college articulated course in Medical Terminology.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Health Science; Medical Technology

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