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Linked Learning Academies/Pathways


Below you can find a list of the SBCUSD high schools and the academies/pathways they offer. To find specific information, such as the program of study and brochure for each academy/pathway, click on the school's link to visit their designated page.

General information about SBCUSD Linked Learning Programs can be found in our  Linked learning Detailed Brochure.
If you wish to enroll in a pathway, contact the corresponding pathway's school counseling department for additional details.



Linked Learning is an approach to education that transforms the traditional high school experience by bringing together strong academics, a demanding technical education, and real-world experiences to help students gain an advantage in high school, post-secondary education, and careers.

Pathway Showcase 2023-2024


Esperanza Soza, Building and Construction Pathway
 "Kids like me need a connection with learning to help them grow. My Building and Trades class not only helped me be creative and make my creativity a reality, but also improved my math skills and most importantly, my communication with my peers--it’s even helped me get a part time job." 



Pricila Cardenas, Sports Medicine Pathway
 "We learned how to tape and prevent common athletic injuries. Learning a new skill, excelling, then helping others with it, conveyed to me that I enjoyed aiding injuries and pushed me to pursue the medical field." 



Alfredo Gomez, PLTW Biomedical Pathway
 "When I have the opportunity to teach other people all the skills I developed, I feel most connected to my learning. I feel proud when I see how much people value the information I can share." -


Cajon High School

Academy of Arts & Creative Technologies
IB Film Theory & Production Pathway
Theatre Arts Pathway
Automotive & Construction Technologies
Automotive Technologies Pathway
Building & Construction Trades Pathway
Global Business, Cyber & Information Technology
Business Management & Global Logistics Pathway 
Cybersecurity & Information Technology Pathway
Health & Human Services Academy
Behavioral Health & Human Services Pathway
Dental Health Pathway
Sports Medicine Pathway

Arroyo Valley High School

Business & Logistics Academy
Digital Media Arts Academy
Film & Broadcast Technology Pathway
Graphic Design & Digital Imaging Pathway
Digital Photography Pathway
California Partnership Academies
Educators For Tomorrow Academy
Constructing Opport. in Renewable Energy (CORE)
Global Leadership Academy 
JROTC (Army Cadet Program)
Local & National Security
Anivation Tech Academy
Visual & Performing Arts Academy

Indian Springs High School

Academy of Health Science & Medical
Sports Medicine Pathway
Patient Care Pathway
Academy of Manufacturing & Product Development
Machining Pathway
Academy of Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Technical Theater Pathway
Digital Design Pathway
Commercial Music Pathway

Sierra High School

Academy of Health & Wellness
Patient Care
Family and Human Services



Pacific High School

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Honors Pathway
Business Pathway
Adobe Pathway
Art and Visual Communications Pathway
Food Service and Hospitality Pathway

San Andreas High School

Business of Science and Technology Academy
Business & Technology Pathway
Health Science Pathway

San Bernardino High School

Graphic Production
Air Force JROTC
California Partnership Academies
Business Academy
Public Safety Academy
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Pathways
Commercial and Instrumental Music
Visual Media and Digital Arts
Vocal Arts Conservatory

San Gorgonio High School

Automotive Technology Pathway
Childcare Occupations Pathway
Construction Occupations Pathway
Digital Technology Pathway
Hospitality & Tourism Pathway
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science Honors Pathway
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering Honors Pathway
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering Honors Pathway
Theaters Arts Pathway



Middle College High School

MCHS @ San Bernardino Valley College
College and Career Transfer Pathway
Digital Media Arts Academy

Virtual Academy

Adobe Design Pathway
College Career Transfer Pathway