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ELD Resources

English learners must receive daily ELD instruction which consists of both:

Integrated ELD: The teaching of language development and literacy throughout the entire day and across all subject areas. The focus is on accessing and learning content standards. During Integrated ELD, the content standards are the primary standards used for instruction. ELD standards are used in tandem to meet the language demands of English learners in all content area instruction.

Designated ELD: The teaching of language development during a protected time within the school day. The focus is on acquiring English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking using the ELD standards at each student’s instructional proficiency level.

Effective ELD instruction needs to be guided by a student's English language proficiency levels, as evidenced by multiple measures. Essential components of ELD include:

  1. Oral language development and interaction
  2. Academic language development
  3. Genre-based writing
  4. Differentiated instruction
  5. Formative ELD assessment

We have a variety of instructional resources and materials in SBCUSD for both Integrated & Designated ELD. Please see our subpages on the following topics:

  1. SBCUSD Cascading Communication on ELD
  2. SBCUSD ELD Reference Guide
  3. ELD "What to Look For"
  4. ELA/ELD Pacing Guides
  5. SBCUSD ELD Instructional Videos
  6. CDE Implementation Support for ELA/ELD Framework
  7. CA ELD Standards