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Reclassification Criteria

SBCUSD's ELD progression timeline guides teachers and administrators in monitoring the language development of English learner students. 

The goal of the Multilingual Programs Department is to reclassify English learner students before, or by the end of, their 6th year in a U.S. school.

SBCUSD has reclassified over 10,000 students over the past several years. A special Reclassification ceremony is held annually to celebrate this momentous achievement of designation status advancement from English learner to fluent English proficient (R-FEP).

Students who meet the following criteria will be considered candidates for reclassification:

  1. Assessment of English Language Proficiency:
    1. Achieve an overall level 4 on the state English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPAC)
  2. Student's Score on Assessment of Basic Skills: Must meet one below
    1. Grade 1: Percentile Rank 25 or higher on STAR Early Literacy
    2. Grades 2-12: Percentile Rank 25 or higher on STAR Reading
    3. ELA CAASPP/SBAC: Standard Met or Standard Exceeded
  3. Teacher Evaluation:
    1. Elementary: Meet grade-level standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics
    2. Middle & High School: Meet grade-level standards in reading/language arts by receiving a "C" grade or better, and achieve a 2.0 or higher qualifying GPA on the most recently posted grades.
  4. Parental Opinion and Consultation:
    1. Parents or guardians receive a Parent Notification of Possible Reclassification letter indicating that their child has been recommended for reclassification and requesting parental input. A consultation meeting is then scheduled where parents provide their opinion and input.

Reclassifying English Learners with Disabilities:
For information on the criteria for reclassifying English learners with disabilities, click here.