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International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate
International Baccalaureate classes and exams allow students to demonstrate their passion and ability in various subjects. International Baccalaureate classes require more commitment and dedication than regular courses and earning a 7 (the highest scores on an exam) usually requires additional preparation during summers, breaks and holidays above and beyond what teachers assign. Building a solid base in a variety of subjects during elementary and middle school makes it easier to earn 7's on exams later. (NOTE: The majority of students admitted to Stanford, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Berkeley and other highly-selective colleges will have not only taken a large number of  higher level IB courses, but will also have scored 6's and 7's on most of their exams.) 

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Subject Briefs
To better understand the content of current International Baccalaureate Diploma Program subjects, click on the course title below:

Language A: Literature SL/HL
Language A: Language and Literature SL/HL
Literature and performance SL

Classical Languages SL/HL
Language B SL & HL
Language Ab Initio SL & HL

Business Management SL/HL
Economics SL/HL
Geography  SL & HL
Global Politics SL/HL
History SL/HL
Information Technology in a Global Society SL/HL
Philosophy SL/HL
Psychology SL & HL
Social and Cultural Anthropology SL & HL
World Religions SL

Biology SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Computer Science SL/HL
Design Technology SL/HL
Environmental Systems and Societies SL
Physics SL/HL
Sport, Exercise and Health Science SL & HL

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL & HL
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL & HL

Dance SL/HL
Film SL & HL
Music SL/HL
Theater SL/HL
Visual Arts SL/HL


Online IB Resources

NOTE: Not all IB courses are available at all high schools. Please check with the high school your child attends or will attend to see what IB courses they offer. Since Cajon and Arroyo Valley are IB schools, they do not offer AP courses but do offer comparable exams associated with each IB course.  IB students may still take AP exams.