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District GATE Certification

The SBCUSD GATE Certification training is conducted using a combination of face-to-face and virtual learning. The requirement for certification is 100 hours total, including:

Core Topics for GATE Instruction: 36 hours over 5 days

  • Day 1 - Gifted Identification and Scholarly Attributes
  • Day 2 - Prompts of Depth & Complexity, Thinking Like a Disciplinarian, and Universal Themes
  • Day 3 - Thinking Skills, Rigor in English-Language Arts, and Independent Study Projects
  • Day 4 - Rigor in Mathematics and Content Imperatives
  • Day 5 - Rigor in Questioning and Lesson Sharing

Classroom application of training topics: 64 hours made up of after-school workshops and practical assignments to be implemented between training dates

Registration for SBCUSD GATE Certification can be accessed through PD Connect.