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Request to Conduct Research procedure

San Bernardino City Unified School District has an Internal Review Committee that looks at all proposals for research including data requests, interviews, surveys, etc. To request permission to conduct research within the District, applicants must submit the following documentation to the Accountability and Educational Technology Department:

Guidelines for research requests within the district are as follows.  Research projects will:

  • Not interfere with instructional time
  • Not require additional teacher or administrative duties
  • Provide benefit and insight to district practices and policy
  • Protect student and teacher rights
  • Not identify student or teacher information links to the data
  • Comply with survey/interview guidelines (copies of the finalized survey tool/interview questions must be included)
  • Have prior approval of the student's university IRB
  • Receive clearance for research participants who need access to school sites or students.

If a project is approved, SBCUSD requires that a copy of the completed research be provided to the Accountability and Educational Technology Department for review prior to publication.

For further information or support, please contact the Accountability and Educational Technology Department at