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Raptor System and Emergency Drills


Raptor connects with your School Information System for custody and guardianship alerting, student tardiness tracking, student and staff accountability during emergencies, and cataloging low-level student concerns.

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Emergency Management

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FAQs to consider:

  • What if I log into Raptor, and I don’t have the right permissions?
  • What if I’m experiencing issues with Raptor Equipment?
  • For technical related questions, please see below:
    • Raptor Access/Technical Support: (713) 880-8902 Option 2
    • SBCUSD Technical Support: Help Desk (909) 888-HELP (4357)
    • Troubleshooting problems? Create a ticket here
    • Procedure Questions:  Email


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Emergency Drills

To ensure we remain ready for any emergency which may impact the SBCUSD community, California Ed Code and the SBCUSD require that schools and administrative locations complete various emergency drills on a regular and calendared basis.  These drills include Fire/Evacuation, Earthquake, Lockdown, and Secure/Hold (formerly known as Lockout).  Following each drill, a post-drill report must be completed as well.  This allows us to document compliance and provides the ability to capture strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you identify.

Reminders:Google will send you a copy of your drill form once submitted.

  • The Great ShakeOut should be used as one required Earthquake drill.
  • For fire drills, you must activate the alarm using a fire “Pull Station”.
  • Sites needing to reschedule must inform the Safety Office (909-381-1192).
  • Fire & earthquake drills may NOT be performed concurrently.

Post Drill Reporting: