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Accident / Injury Reporting

To complete the online form, please click the button below to find your school site.


A Student/Visitor Injury Report must be completed when a student or visitor is injured at your site. This form should be completed by any responsible adult with the most knowledge who witnessed the incident or assisted with first aid.

Complete the STUDENT/VISITOR INCIDENT REPORT for all incidents of:

  • Injury/illness of any significance or requiring transport by Ambulance
  • Use of EpiPen
  • Use of Narcan

Injury resulting from the confrontation between two or more persons unless reported to the Police. Any questionable incident should be reported and documented.

The Student/Visitor Injury Report is a confidential, internal document. Its contents are not to be shared, copied, or distributed to any persons. Should a copy of a specific incident be requested, please refer them to the Office of Safety and Emergency Management at (909) 381-1192.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention in this matter.

Vehicle Collisions / Incidents