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Incident / Injury Reporting

To complete the online STUDENT/VISITOR INJURY REPORT via DTS click here

When a student or a visitor is injured at your site, a Student/Visitor Injury Report (RM-2) must be completed. This form may be completed by any responsible employee who witnesses the injury/allergic reaction or assisted with the first aid or the administration of EpiPen medication. Each site should keep a copy of the report.

Complete the STUDENT/VISITOR INCIDENT REPORT for all incidents of:

  1. Injury of any significance

  2. Use of EpiPen for allergic reaction

  3. Injury resulting from the confrontation between two or more persons; unless reported to the Police.

  4. Any questionable incident should be reported and documented.

The Student/Visitor Injury Report is a confidential, internal document. Its contents are not to be shared, copied, or distributed to any persons. Should a copy of a specific incident be requested, please refer them to the Office of Safety and Emergency Management at (909) 381-1192

Thank you for your cooperation and attention in this matter.


Vehicle Collisions / Incidents