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CUPCCAA Instructions

California Uniform Public Construction Cost Account Act (CUPCCAA)

San Bernardino City Unified School District has elected to become subject to the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (“CUPCCAA”), Public Contract Code sections 22000 et seq. Accordingly, and pursuant to the provisions of Public Contract Code section 22034 and the criteria promulgated by the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission, contractors interested in bidding on District public works projects are required to complete and submit the Informal Bidding Questionnaire in order to be placed on the District’s Informal Bidding Contractors List, click here

NOTE: This registration process is for the purpose of being notified of construction related bid opportunities according to your license classification. The registration process is not a prequalification process.

CUPCCAA Bid Thresholds:

  1. Public projects $60,000 or less may be performed by negotiated contract or purchase order PCC22032(a)
  2. Public projects $200,000 or less shall follow the informal bidding process set forth in PCC22032(b)
  3. Public projects greater than $200,000 shall be let through the formal bid process PCC22032(c)
  4. Public Projects $1Million or greater must go follow the prequalification process.

Prequalification Process
Pre-qualification applications for formally bid contracts require submission of a questionnaire, supporting documents, and financial statements. To become prequalified, contractors must follow the District’s prequalification process viewable and downloadable by accessing the following link: Pre-qualification Contractors

As of January 1, 2014, California Assembly Bill AB 2031, all General Contractors and Subcontractors are required to be prequalified on all Bond Construction Contracts.,by%20Governor%20September%2019%2C%202018.

(1) Subject to the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (“CUPCCAA”) all contracts $1 Million or greater are required to follow the prequalification process.

Note: The registration process and the prequalification application process are not interchangeable.