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Assigned Payroll Technicians

Assignments Payroll Technician/Specialist Direct Line Email
Certificated (Last Name A-G) Kimberly Fosdick-Baeza (909) 381-1190 Email
Certificated (Last Name H-Q) Sonia Martinez (909) 381-1141 Email
Certificated (Last Name R-Z and All Management Kathi Hanes (909) 381-1143 Email
Certificated (Last Name W-Z and Extra Duties) Ingrid Bolhausen (909) 381-1139 Email
Sub Admin/Guest Teachers/ICEC Teachers Jessica Hilliard (909) 381-1186 Email
Classified Sub/Non-Classified/Student Interns Arely Bugarin-Varela (909) 381-1342 Email
Classified Part Time (Last Name A-L) Elvia Reyes (909) 388-6233 Email
Classified Part Time (Last Name M-Z) Sheena Diaz (909) 386-2561 Email
Classified Full Time (Last Name A-L) Jacquene Macon (909) 381-1142 Email
Classified Full Time (Last Name M-Z) Jeanette Martinez-Castaneda (909) 381-1341 Email
H&W Benefits Deductions/SAP Support Laura Morales (909) 381-1388 Email