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Laptop & Home Internet Program

About the Program

San Bernardino Unified School District’s Technology Take Home initiative is designed to provide students in grades K-12 access to technology at home in instances where technology may not be available.  To bridge the gap for students in absence of technology at home, based on availability, SBCUSD is providing a laptop and/or Hotspot (wireless Internet). 


  1. Students must have a signed Student Technology use agreement on file for the current school year.
  2. Parents must read and sign the following agreement form.

Requesting Devices
Parents may request a device by one of the following:

  • Going to your student’s school and requesting a device from a designated school staff
  • Calling our Chromebook support line at (866) 223- 8685, available 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week.

Status of New Device Requests

  • Contact our Chromebook support line at (866) 223- 8685, available 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week.
  • Log into Parent Portal to view device request status

Device Repair Process
Chromebook and Hotspot devices are loaned to students and remain the property of the SBCUSD throughout the students' high schoolK-12 career. Just like textbooks, team uniforms, and other school property issued to students, there is a responsibility to care for and return the property in good/working condition. We do know and understand that accidents or lost items may occur despite our student's best efforts to take care of their devices. Should repairs or replacement ever be required, the information provided below addresses the process for handling these situations for the Access for All 1:1 learning initiative. Take Home Technology initiative. 

Repair Process & Services
Unexpected problems may occur with the devices which are not the fault of the user (computer crashes, faulty hardware, software errors, etc.). Our Chromebook Tech Support is available at each school, during designated hours, (866)223- 8685, available 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week to assist families with getting such issues resolved as rapidly as possible. In the event that the device cannot be fixed during the phone call, our Chromebook support staff will provide instructions for returning the device to the school for further assessment.   Families will be asked to fill out the Student section of the SBCUSD Chromebook Repair Form (PDF fillable) at the designated repair location on campus or at home and then and print a copy to include with the damaged device. Our district technicians will do their very best to repair devices within a reasonable period and upon completion, families will be notified via their email and/or the provided phone number.

In the event that a device is not repairable, the student's device will be replaced with a like device as quickly as possible based on availability. If it is discovered during the repair process that the issues are related to negligence, intentional damage, fees may be assessed onto the student's account (see below). All district-owned technology should not be taken to an outside computer service for repair.  

Replacement Devices
Replacement devices are based on availability and may require being placed into a waiting list based on pending requests. SBCUSD reserves he right to deny a replacement in instances of repeated damage related to negligence or prior lost/stolen incidents.

Repair/Replacement Fees
Issues caused from faulty hardware, where no visible damage is evident, or from normal wear and tear are covered completely by the district. 

Lost/Stolen Devices

  • Contact our Chromebook support line at (866) 223- 8685, available 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week.
  • If device is lost or stolen families will be required to complete and turn in the following lost/stolen report.

Getting to Know your Device(s)

  • Chromebook Laptop
    • Hotspot ()
  • Kajeet - Wireless Internet Hotspot (K-12)
  • T-Mobile - Wireless Internet Hotspot (K-12)
  • Sprint  - Wireless Internet Hotspot (High School Students)