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Information Security Awareness

Security Best PracticesCyber-attacks are fundamentally a human problem, not a technical one. The best technological solutions available can be deployed to protect our District's computer network, but they will have no effect if network users aren't practicing prudent computer use. The most common and successful attacks target and exploit human behavior, breaching corporate networks and critical infrastructure systems from the inside via the network users themselves. 


Information Security Awareness and Best Practices

In order to protect the District Network from cyber-attacks it is important all District members recognize and practice basic cyber-attack awareness skills. Here are a few email security tips to safeguard your digital life:

  • Check the sender email address;
  • Check the URL link address;
  • Check the link in the email;
  • Grammar errors;
  • Verify sensitive requests.

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Fend Off Cyber Attacks

    Best Practices in the Work Place 
    Understanding Social Engineering 
    Phishing Attacks 
    Malware Defined
    Protecting your Device(s) from Malware 
    Build Strong Passwords
    Web Browsing Safety Tips

Learn to Recognize Email Phishing Attacks
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Cybersecurity Resources