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The applications group maintains the district's Student Information System (SIS) databases to provide timely information to teachers, administrators, parents and students. Information Technology also processes all secondary school grade reports and transcripts.

In addition, the department provides necessary data to the Business Services division to facilitate attendance accounting for State reporting purposes, enrollment projections, and open enrollment processing.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

Aeries - Student Information System.

Aeries Web Portal - The AERIES Browser Interface (ABI) is a cross platform web-portal that allows for real-time access to student data using any modern web browser.

Planet Press - A software tool which allows you to design documents which will print at high speeds while reducing production time and eliminates the expenses related to pre-printed forms.

SmartFind - A telephone and web-based system that manages employee absences and substitute job assignments.

FootPrints - Software that is used by the Help Desk to manage daily operations.

Edulog - A tool that used to increase the efficiency of bus routing and scheduling.

State Reporting - Website that facilitates the standardizing and efficient electronic transfer of student information.

IEP Plus - IepPlus is a 100% web-based special education solution for K-12 school districts.