University is for Us!

University is for Us!
(A quick guide on how to lead your children down the university path.)

Step 1: Inform yourself--and dream!
Watch this video and look at the data. Attending a university is awesome!

Though going to college can be expensive, it has many benefits.

Higher earnings

A bar graph that shows earnings by education level, with less than high school earning under $20,000 per year, some college earning just under $40,000 per year, and a bachelor's degree earning just over $60,000 per year.

Better health

A bar graph that shows that those with higher levels of education have better self-reported health, with 32 percent of those with less than high school reporting excellent or very good health, 44 percent with a high school diploma, 53 percent with some college, and 69 percent with a bachelor's degree.

Higher earnings and less unemployment

A bar graph showing that those with higher degrees of education have lower unemployment and higher earnings, with those with less than high school having an unemployment rate of 12.4 percent and earning $471 per week, while high school graduates had a 8.3 percent unemployment rate and earned $652 per week, those with some college had a 7.7 percent rate and earned $727, those with a bachelor's degree had a 4.5 percent rate and earned $1,066, and those with a professional or doctoral degree had a 2.1-2.5 rate and earned $1,624-$1,735, according to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Develop a university dream for your children--and share your dream with them.

Step 2: Tell your children they can!

From when they are very young, encourage your children to always do well in school.

To ensure a good relationship with your children, remember 5 to 1: Have 5 positive things to say for every 1 corrective conversation.

What you praise is very important! Here is some good advice.

Step 3: Spend time helping and encouraging your child to do well on academics!
When your children are young, you need to get them ready for learning to read. Listen to some tips on how to do this best!

Also, when your children are young, you need to get them ready to learn math. Listen to some tips on how to do this best!

And you need to support them on homework. Listen to some tips on how to do this best!

LINK: SBCSUD'S Accelerated Learning and Tutoring page

Step 4: Encourage sports, clubs and volunteering!
Listen to some tips on how to do this best!

Step 5: In high school, take college prep and honors courses!
Listen to the minimum course requirements to be ready for college.

Step 6: In high school, make a college plan!
Look for programs that can help your child to do that. Listen to an example of one!

LINK: Printable A-G plan template
LINK: Detailed A-G plan template
LINK: El camino de su hijo(a) a la educación universitaria


Step 7: Help your child to stay on task--and ask for help if you need it!

University is for Us! lesson plan

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