Missing a child/Missing a school/Staff is also a Parent (Merge Accounts)

Users should be able to see all of their children and schools in one ParentSquare account.

Examples include:

  •  I am a parent, and I do not see any/all of my children in the same districts in my account when I login.
  • I am a district staff member, and I do not see my children in my account when I login.
  • I am a staff/parent in one district, and I do not see any/all of my children from another district in my account when I login.

If you are missing a child/school, it may be because:

  • You have more than one ParentSquare account with different contact information
  • Your contact information is inconsistent across the schools' student information systems.

For example, the screenshots below show a parent with an email at one school and a phone number at another. As a result, they have two accounts: 

Account Information 1    Account Information 2

PARENTS: To add a child or school,

  • You must contact your school(s) directly to update your contact information. Ensure you have the same email and phone number on file for all children and all schools.
  • Contact data is managed, updated and controlled by your school (or district), ParentSquare syncs with this information but cannot edit or change it.

We sync with the school databases nightly. The day after the change is made at your school, you should be able to log out and log back in to ParentSquare to see your updated information.


Staff Members Who Are Also Parents

As a staff member and a parent, you will be able to have both your staff contacts and your parent contacts linked to the same account.

If you have a district-issued staff email on your staff record and a personal email address on your parent record, multiple accounts may have been created for you.

  • If you already have the same phone listed on your staff and parent accounts, your accounts can be easily linked. The accounts will merge automatically once you complete the verification process and confirm both accounts. After this, both emails will be listed on your account, but you will be required to use your staff email to log in.
  • If you already have separate registered accounts under different emails/phones, you can use the Combine Account option to merge them together.

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