Tips for Parents

Tips for Supporting Distance Learning

Help your child set and maintain a regular schedule.

Have set times for academic, recreation, video games, sleeping, and help your child stay on track. Students should participate every day, especially online. Regular attendance increases success.

Dedicate space in your home for distance learning.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or big, just designate a quiet, tidy space that is just for learning and make sure this space is near outlets for keeping devices charged at all times. When choosing a space, remember that anything behind your child will be viewable in the online classroom environment. Putting their back toward a wall or using a virtual background can protect your privacy. Make sure others who live in the home know this is a special space for learning.

Eliminate distractions during online lessons.
Turn off the television during lessons, consider headphones, and use other means of reducing interruptions for students while they are in their online class. When the student is unmuted, anything others in the room say could be heard by all students and the teacher.

Ask your children about what they’re learning.
What are the three most important things they learned today? If you show your child you’re interested, they will be more interested and engaged in what they’re learning, too.

Look out for the social and emotional needs of your child.
Does your child look stressed? Reassure your child and remind them that getting adjusted to this new way of learning is going to take a little patience and perseverance.

Stay connected to all that is happening with the education of your child.
Download the Remind app to make it easier for you to communicate by text and phone call with your child’s teacher. The District offers a free app that will keep you up to date on everything happening at your child’s school and SBCUSD. Peachjar is your source for electronic flyers.

Helping Your Child Make the Transition to Distance Learning

Be Responsible

  • Attend all online classes on time.
  • Start classes with technology charged or plugged in.
  • THINK before posting (Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?)
  • Stay on task by listening to the teacher or completing the work.
  • Visit only appropriate/approved websites.
  • Take good car of technology.

  • Expect good behavior.
  • Contact teachers, as necessary, during designated hours.

Be Respectful

  • Be patient with peers, teachers and themselves when technologies issues arise.
  • Take turns commenting during on-line lessons.
  • Use academic/appropriate language in all communication with peers and adults.
  • Make respectful facial expressions.
  • Dress appropriately for online classes.
  • Ensure their workspace is free from distractions and that background images are appropriate.

  • Support teacher(s) in making the transition to digital learning.

Be Safe

  • Accept communication or emails only from people they know.
  • Avoid and report inappropriate sites and unsafe use.
  • Be mindful of what is shared online.
  • Keep login and other personal information private.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while using technology.

  • Be aware of your child's online activity and communicate to the teacher any concerns.
  • Check in with your child daily.

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