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Virtual Learning @ Indian Springs

The Indian Springs Virtual Learning Program provides distance learning courses and a blended-learning environment for SBCUSD students. The U-wing at Indian Springs High School acts as the "Engagement Center" where highly qualified teachers provide differentiated instruction to meet a wide range of student needs. The use of digital curriculum enables flexible scheduling options for students. Students complete lessons and activities from any computer with Internet access, take summative assessments in a proctored setting, and have access to both virtual and on-site tutoring. This blended learning environment equips teachers with options to engage students in collaborative and cooperative activities beyond the classroom and allows students to have a greater influence over their own learning.

Indian Springs Virtual courses are rigorous and require as much time or more than a traditional course. For more information about course offerings and our software partner, visit Apex Learning.

The learner experience provided by the Apex Learning digital curriculum engages students in powerful active learning that keeps students attentive and requires application of their knowledge. Integrated within the direct instruction, active learning experiences include opportunities for students to observe, inquire, create, connect, and confirm. Moving at their own pace, students actively participate in meaningful ways with the material. This meaningful participation results in higher student achievement. The English and mathematics curriculum incorporate Common Core State Standards with other subjects to follow.

Is Virtual Learning right for me?

Successful eLearning students are strong independent learners who possess self-discipline and self-monitoring skills. Students that desire self-paced and independent learning make excellent candidates for virtual classrooms. Virtual learning requires more reading and than a tradition classroom. Students who prefer communicating through discussion boards, instant messaging and email are more likely to succeed in this environment. It should be noted that online learning is not for every student. Consider the factors below when evaluating your eLearning readiness:
  • Do you have knowledge, capability, and access to online technology?
  • Are you an independent learner?
  • Can you commit time to learn away from family, work, and other distractions?
  • Are your study habits structured and self-organized?
  • Can you interact with instructors via email or other text-based communication?
Answering YES to most of the questions above indicates you may be ready for virtual learning. Please visit one (or more) of the free websites below and make a serious self-assessment of your learning style and virtual readiness.

Columbia College

NC State University

Center For Independent Learning

How Do I Enroll?

Interested students and families are encouraged to meet with their high school or middle school counselors to request a referral letter to the Virtual Learning @ Indian Springs High School program. The letter will invite you to the next available Orientation.

Please contact Marcia Lewis, Program Specialist, or 909-383-1360 with any Virtual Learning questions.

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