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    We are a Linked Learning pathway with a focus on preparing students to major in the discipline as well as have careers in Theatre Arts. Students are also given the opportunity to earn an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. Students will leave the program with many opportunities for hands-on classroom experiences.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Arts, Media, and Entertainment
    PATHWAY LEAD: Carol Griffitts
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Theater Arts Pathway Program of Study

    Students in the Academy of Arts and Communication Technologies (AACT) Film Theory and Production Pathway will develop a portfolio that will gain the attention of colleges with strong film and visual arts programs and provide evidence of professional experience in the field of film production. Additionally, AACT Film students will develop the analytical, technical, and collaborative skills needed to continue working in media and other viable industries.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Arts, Media, and Entertainment
    PATHWAY LEAD: Erick Hendrickson & Leslie Bohn
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: IB Film Theory & Production Pathway Program of Study

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    This pathway engages regional, state, national and international employers and industires in a vibrant collaboration to respond to current, emerging and changing global workforce needs and expectations, with a focus in leadership. The Auto Pathway is designed to bring in the maximum number of students into the 10th-grade course and provide them with quality basic automotive instruction. During junior year, students can hone their interests and apply their knowledge to a variety of specialty courses, most essentially linked to physics -- conducting labs in the Auto Shop. As a senior, students apply mixed specialties and receive advanced training in different areas while working in a student-run enterprise, The Cowboy Automotive Shop. Students also have the opportunity to work as interns with industry community partners. Between receiving multiple industry certifications, Linked Learning with physics, and running a professional environment, the Automotive Pathway is one of the District's Demonstration pathways.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Transportation
    PATHWAY LEAD: Roger Light
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Automotive Technologies Pathway Program of Study

    Students engage in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation and focuses on career awareness, career exploration, and skill preparation in the Building and Construction Trades industry. The pathway emphasizes processes, systems, and the way in which structures are built. Knowledge and skills are acquired in a sequential, standards-based pathway program that integrates hands-on, project-based, and work-based instruction. Standards included in the Build and Construction Trades sector are designed to prepare students for technical training, post-secondary education, and entry to a career.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Residential Construction, Woodworking Technology, and Cabinetry
    PATHWAY LEAD: Timothy Palmer
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Building & Construction Trades Pathway Program of Study

    BROCHUREAutomotive & Construction Technologies Brochure.pdf

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    This pathway is in partnership with Amazon, and its program of study is designed to prepare students for employment in the field of Logistics and Business Management. Students will learn the skills and applications of information and decision technology, management systems that support industry partners, business leadership. The coursework will encourage students to be contributing members of the greater community. The program enables students to practice innovative and critical thinking skills as they develop solutions to authentic logistics problems businesses regularly face locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally on a regular basis. Finally, in partnership with Amazon, CSUSB, and Chaffey College, students will be exposed to multiple opportunities available to them in paths of post-secondary, post-diploma, certifications, and work-force internships.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Business and Transportation
    PATHWAY LEAD: Kalista Combs
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Amazon Logistics & Business Management Pathway Program of Study

    This pathway combines the technical skills of Cyber Security and Information Technology with the creativity of Digital Design, providing students with an array of hands-on experience needed to excel in their respective industries. Cyber Security and other IT related jobs are not just limited to one industry sector but touch a wide range of other industries, such as healthcare, banking, entertainment or any other organization that deals with personal information and privacy. Much of the pathway will be dedicated to safeguarding the storage, transmission, and retrieval of data as essential to any organization that holds its critical business functions on computer information systems. 

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Information and Communication Technology
    PATHWAY LEAD: Koyett Miles
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Cybersecurity & Informational Technology Pathway Program of Study

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    A Linked Learning pathway focused on introducing students to a careers in the Behavioral Health and Human Services industry, essentially providing foundational knowledge and skills of this discipline. The pathway will teach and train students on how a variety of Human Servies professional roles function as a system. Furthermore, students will apply skills learned into qualifying internships affiliated with educational, community, and industry partners who work with diverse populations and situations. A final goal of this pathway is to address the critical shortage that California and the country is facing with the lack of mental and behavioral health professionals.

    Mental and Behavioral Health; Public Services
    PATHWAY LEAD: Chris Peters
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Behavioral Health and Human Services Pathway Program of Study

    Students will be given the opportunity to explore careers in Emergency Medical Services and gain a foundation and understanding of medical terminology, body systems, disorders, diseases and pre-hospital care for the sick and injured. This pathway will prepare students who are interested in a career as a firefighter, law enforcement, emergency medical technician, or paramedic. Students will develop medical skills within the responsibilities of a first responder and proper procedures of pre-hospital emergency care. Students will also have the opportunity and background to pursue further endeavors in medicine and public service.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Health Science and Medical Technology; Patient Care; Public Service
    PATHWAY LEAD: Deborah Passmore-Tivey
    PROGRAM OF STUDYEmergency Medical Services Pathway Program of Study

    Coming Soon in 2022: Dental Health-Patient Care Pathway

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Health Science and Medical Technology
    PATHWAY LEAD: Annette Billups
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Medical Assisting - Patient Care Pathway Program of Study

    Sports Medicine is a College and Career Pathway that offers students opportunities to work “real-time” sporting events on campus as well as gaining multiple certifications. In addition, our partnerships provide students an opportunity to migrate to community college programs in the field of athletic training, as well as majoring in the discipline at any university.

    INDUSTRY SECTOR: Healthcare - Patient Care
    PATHWAY LEAD: Steve Imbriani
    PROGRAM OF STUDY: Sports Medicine Pathway Program of Study

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