8th Grade Parent College Seminar

8th Grade Parent College Seminar:
What you need to know about college now

Photo of Stanford University
Stanford University

The Goal
Education is about creating maximum personal and professional opportunities and helping students become the best version of themselves that they can become.

The Parts

Parent: "Is it better to take a regular class and get an A or an honors class and get a B?"
Harvard Admissions Counselor: "It's better to take an honors class and get an A."

ADVICE: Students should take the most challenging course load they can while maintaining some sanity and a positive school/life balance. Shoot for a 3.75 GPA or higher.

Test Scores
It's not about can you do it, it's about how fast can you do it.

Find out where your child's score puts them on the PSAT/SAT Score Correlation Chart:

An image of a section of a PSAT/SAT score correlation chart.

LINK: PSAT/SAT Correlation Chart

National Merit Scholars
Want to get recruited for your academics? Qualify to become a National Merit Scholar.

LINK: National Merit Scholarship Report 2016-17 (Read the bios and look at the list of colleges on pp. 36-38)  

Advanced Placement
To earn a 4 or 5 on an AP exam, most students will need to go above and beyond what their teacher requires. The average number of AP exams taken by freshmen to top colleges is about 7-14 and most scores are 4s and 5s.

Who are you? And what did you do in your spare time?   

Focus on demonstrating:
--Intellectual curiosity
--Deep commitment

The Plan
There's more to preparing for the future than going to classes and doing assignments.

1. See the big picture: It's about being the best you can be and taking advantage of the opportunities that become available.

2. Make a plan for high school and college: Make sure to include how you plan to pursue and excel in the things you are passionate about as well as classes, grades and test scores.

Linking Khan Academy to the CollegeBoard help your child with their PSAT/SAT study plan and can help monitor their progress.  

3. Monitor not only your child's academic progress, but their social and emotional well-being.

Image of the Khan Academy SAT Dashboard.

Khan Academy SAT Dashboard

Image of part of Khan Academy's Math Practice page
Khan Academy SAT Math Practice page

4. Adjust the plan as necessary

5. Look back from time to time and celebrate progress.  

Final thoughts
How do you measure your child's hope? Look at how they spend their free time.

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