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Abigail Rosales-Medina

Board Member - Abigail Rosales-Medina

Current term: 2022 - 2026
Served since 2013

Ms. Abigail Rosales-Medina was elected to the Board in November 2013. Abigail has a long track record of involvement in District schools, starting when her oldest son was in preschool and continuing today with leadership roles in a variety of parent and civic groups.

Abigail has served on a diverse list of District committees. In addition, she served on the Strategic Planning Team that drafted the District’s Community Engagement Plan.

Ms. Rosales-Medina strongly supports efforts to empower all parents to become more involved in the education of their children. Her goals include increasing the number of District students who graduate from high school prepared to attend a college or university.

Ms. Rosales-Medina enjoys helping her children, Monique, Alex, Samuel, Yarlette, and Christian, excel in school