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Report Cards
Report cards reflecting the grades, citizenship, effort,and attendance in each class are issued twice each semester.  

The quarter report card is issued after the ninth week of the start of each semester and is intended to show the student’s progress midway in the semester.  The quarter report card grades are not recorded on the student’s permanent transcript.  

Report cards are available to students within approximately two weeks after the close of the grading period. The final semester grade is mailed to parents in June.

Copies of the transcripts are available from the Registrar’s office and can be ordered online if the student is 16 or older or has passed the 10th grade by following this link . They are also available for inspection by parents.  Grades are updated in Aeries on a regular basis.  If a “D”, “F”, or “I” (barely passing, failure, or incomplete) grade is indicated in any subject at the quarter period, a copy of the report card is automatically mailed to the parent. This is to be considered as a poor work notice and indicates that there is a possibility of failure at the end of the semester unless improvement is made by the student.  

The grading periods are as follows:

End of the First Quarter 10/06/16
End of the First Semester 12/15/16
End of the Third Quarter 3/17/17
End of the Second Semester 6/01/17

Parents should expect the report cards to be brought home by the student with the exception of the final card of the year in June, which is mailed to the home. Please contact the counselor if your child does not bring home a report card within a reasonable time following the end of a quarter or semester.

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