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Repeat Credit
The District is committed to encouraging students to prepare themselves for college admission, as well as encourage success in sequential courses. As part of this commitment, students are allowed, with principal approval, to retake classes in all areas approved for college/university admissions and in course sequences where success in later courses is strongly dependent on success in previous courses. Only one completion of a course counts for subject matter graduation credit.  The“retaken” course with the lower grade will count toward elective credit as long as the graduation requirements are met, the decision is based only on the best interest of the student, and approval of the principal has been given before the student retakes the class.  A study skills class for ninth-grade students will take place each quarter, after school, for 10 days straight for one hour; and then one-day/week follow up for the remaining quarter. Students will receive a certificate of completion. This course includes: agenda organization,time management, note-taking strategies, graphic organizers,study methods, learning styles, stress management, public speaking, SMART goals and academic support.

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