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Chemistry Honors AVID
Suggestions for doing well in Mr. Pirolo’s chemistry class:
Mr. Pirolo
Mr. Pirolo
Science Teacher

701 South Mt. Vernon Ave.
Box 55
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Ph: (909) 824-3218
Fx: (909) 824-3187

Office Hours
Monday - Wednesday

DAILY QUIZZES: Get to class on time each day, so you are present for the 3 minute review session right before the Daily Quiz. We start the quiz review every day right at the bell (top of the hour). If you are absent for a daily quiz, bring me a note from home so you can make up the quiz.

KEEP UP: Do your chemistry assignments on time. Every assignment is intended specifically to prepare you for the upcoming unit test. If you don’t know how to do an assignment or a new type of problem, come and see me during my office hours or during AVID for help before the next class meeting. Late assignments only count for half credit. If you don’t figure out how to do a new type of problem, you won’t understand the next topic, so come in for help immediately when you are confused.

HOW TO STUDY FOR CHEMISTRY: Whenever you are studying, you should be quizzing yourself. Whether it’s from your Cornell notes or from flashcards, you should spend your study time answering questions, not just reading your notes over and over. One hour spent quizzing yourself on your notes will prepare you much better than one hour spent reading your notes. This is one reason you are required to write questions in your Cornell notes.
Begin quizzing yourself on your Cornell chemistry notes at least one week before each test. Make flashcards from your Cornell notes and study guide. If you show me flashcards 1 day before a test, you will earn 10 pts extra credit. Two days before each test, you will receive a Study Guide which explains exactly what will be on the upcoming test. Go over this Study Guide carefully and ask questions about all of the things that are unclear. If there is any confusing wording on the upcoming test, I will try to use the same wording on the Study Guide, so ask questions about the study guide.

RETAKE CHEM TESTS: If you do poorly on a major test, you will have a chance to retake the test. I will average the new score with the original. You must retake tests within one week of the original. Before retaking a test you should come in during office hours to study with me.  I will give you a chance to examine your old test so you can determine the areas that you need to concentrate your study.


“Mr. Pirolo is available every morning from 8:00 to 11:00 except on Thursday mornings when we have  staff meetings.  I will try to leave a note on my door if I have to be away from my room for long.  Please come in during those hours for help”

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