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San Bernardino City Unified School District
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Welcome to Middle College!!
Mr. Larive
Mr. Larive
English Teacher

701 South Mt. Vernon Ave.
Box 55
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Ph: (909) 824-3218
Fx: (909) 824-3187

Office Hours
Monday - Wednesday

Mr. Larive M.S. Ed.

Language Arts Teacher

Room 104

  1. Prepare to enter into a challenging educational experience.
  2. With increased academic freedom, comes a higher level of  personal responsibility.
  3. Work hard, play hard, but work hard first.
  4. Do what you fear most, and do it quickly.
  5. Don’t put off work, and ask for help as soon as you need it.
  6. Your grade is YOUR grade.  If you have an A, B, or C class average, this is what you have.  If you are not pleased with this grade, study more, perform better on tests and assignments, and slowly improve.  Little to no extra credit is offered, so take good care of your grade.
  7. If you have a D or F in English, either formal or informal interventions will begin to take place to try to help pull you back up to the C range.  No promises are made, your grade is YOUR grade.
  8. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED.  A deadline is just that, a dead-line.  If you are absent from school on a day a deadline occurs, an exception MAY be made, depending on circumstances and verification of an approved absence from the office.

Office Hours:  Before and After School

       My morning office hours are from 9:00 to 10:30 every morning except Thursday. On Thursdays there is a mandatory staff meeting from 9:00 to 10:30 or later, all of your high school teachers will NOT BE AVAILABLE during this time period.

       Much of my work is done in the office, other classrooms, or off-campus.  Make arrangements the day before with me and I will make sure I am available to you during morning office hours. If my room is locked, I am elsewhere working. 

       Do not wait until the day any assignment is due, you risk not getting on one of my computers in order to word process. Place your name on the sign up sheet the day before if you are requesting one-on-one instruction after school.  A first come, first serve basis will be observed. 

       Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  Plan ahead!!

       After school individual help and tutoring is available for both your high school and college classes.  Students must ask 24 hours ahead of time, in order for me to free myself from personal and professional obligations after school.

       Students need to have started on the assignment in question, they cannot expect me to write the paper or assignment for them. I can provide the students with suggestions on ideas and content, organization and structure.  Students need to do the actual writing.  I will be happy to proof-read and offer suggestions on a first, second, third rough draft or a final copy for a college assignment.  Students need to bring the  course syllabus with them, in order for me to understand the scope, sequence, and areas that need to be addressed by the student in order to improve the quality of their work at the college level.   Last minute help will not be offered if the student simply waits until the last minute to get started.

I welcome students and parents alike to contact me with any suggestions or questions

they may have.   In closing, WELCOME!! And CARPE DIEM!!! (Seize the Day)

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